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At Highpoint we offer retail companies that fit a specific number of criteria a chance to purchase directly from us.

Stocking Dealer and Authorized Retailer Criteria

  • Established retail business or online presence with shopping cart capacity.

  • A focus on selling to contractors or homeowners deck and deck accessories

  • A minimum purchase of inventory (Contact us for further details)

Stocking Dealers Receive

  • Advantage Pricing

  • Listing on website

  • Literature

  • Discounted rates for in-store display

  • Two Sale Display Kits (to be used for sales personnel or to be given away to a deck contractor)

Authorized Dealers Receive

  • Discounted Pricing

  • Website Listing

  • Literature

  • Discounted rates for in-store-display

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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