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Designing with Deck Lights

The ability to design with lighting to beautify and enhance the outdoor living experience has never been more exciting than today. With the infusion of LED lighting fixtures and options, the same old post cap light as the only option is a thing of the past. Highpoint offers the widest array of LED and incandescent decking lights in the industry. Let us consider some areas where Highpoint Deck Lighting can take the ordinary and turn it into an inviting place where family and friends gather.

Designs for Safety 


An important component of designing lighting into your outdoor living space is safety. In many municipalities it is required that at a minimum stairs are lit to reduce the risk of falling or slipping. A quality low voltage lighting system is a cost effective method to protect the safety of family and guests. This is especially important when stairs are further away from light available from the home. Highpoint offers a variety of recessed fixtures to blend in with the risers, as well as post & railing mounted lights to add enhance key areas around stairs and steps.

Designs for Ambiance


Soft lighting strategically placed along a deck’s perimeter and on posts creates a warm and inviting space. This type of lighting design creates an atmosphere for intimate conversations and displays sophistication.

Designs for Celebrating


Creating a vibrant lighting space to shine the light on all facets of the deck is within reach with Highpoint’s wide variety of lighting fixtures. The distinctive designs and variety of lighting options provide the perfect palette of fixtures to create a dazzling experience from the deck’s floor to its highest peak.

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